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!prefix clear leaves you without a prefix meaning you have to mention the bot to set a new one. !prefix set <prefix> is most likely a better choice in most cases

By default this is set to ! and ?

Name Example Usage
!prefix -- Lists the prefixes currently in use by the server
!prefix add <prefix> !prefix add "sudo " Adds a prefix to be used by the bot (limited to 10) NOTE if you want a two word prefix or a prefix with a space after it or an emoji you must use quotes, this is a discord limitation and can't be fixed
!prefix set <prefix> !prefix set "haha " Sets the specified prefix to be the ONLY prefix in the server
!prefix remove <prefix> !prefix remove ! Removes a prefix, same limits as !prefix add applies here, can't remove mentioning the bot.
!prefix clear -- Removes all prefixes except mentioning the bot. This (obviously) means you need to mention the bot to register more prefixes