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Game Information


Fortnite Stats
Name Example Usage
[fortnite|fn] [name] !fortnite Dakotaz Fetches some fortnite stats for a specified player (PC).
fortnite [playstation|ps4|psn] [name] !fn psn Upshall Playstation version of the fortnite command.
fortnite [xbox|xbl] [name] !fn xbox AlexRamiGaming Xbox version of the fortnite command.

World of Warcraft

WoW Commands
Name Example Usage
[incursion|assault|assaults] !incursion Displays the current incursion timers for WoW.
[invasion|invasions] !invasion Displays the current invasion timers for WoW.
pickmyclass !pickmyclass Picks a random WoW class.
pickmyspec !pickmyspec Picks a random WoW spec.
[reset|whenisthereset] !reset Shows how long until WoW resets for EU/NA.