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The echo command can be rife for abuse. You may want to make it mod-only or whitelisted.

Name Example Usage
echo [#channel] <message> !echo #general Is this enough to pass the turing test? Makes the bot say the message in the mentioned channel or in the channel the comand was used in if no channel is supplied.
[pick|choice|select] <choices> !choose go to sleep, play overwatch Picks one of your specified arguments. Use commas for multiple words.
[ud|urbandictionary] <word&gt !ud cleveland steamer Returns the urbandictionary definition for your word. Can only be used in NSFW channels. @everyone proof. (looking at you, b1nzy)
roll [lower-[upper]] !roll 100-1100 Works just like in WoW, defaults to 1 to 100. Changing just one number will change the upper bound.
[coinflip|flip|coin] !coin Flips a coin
[addemoji|steal] <name> [entity] !steal carlpolice :carlPolice: Attempts to add the entity to the server as an emoji with the given name. The entity can be an attached image, an image URL, an emoji or an emoji ID.
8ball !8ball will anyone ever love me? It's like any other 8ball command on discord. Annoying, useless and unreasonably popular.
shake !shake Outputs Antimony's amazing winter Carl-bot fanart in an embed.