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Quick start

  1. Choose a channel with !log channel <#channel>
  2. Select which events you want logged with !log <event> where event is an event found at the bottom of this page
  3. Split up logging into separate channels by using the commands found below


The command !log aio automatically creates a category, fills it with five channels and splits up logging into them.


Consider using the website at

Command Example Usage
log channel [#channel] !log channel #logs Sets the default channel where logged events go. Leave empty to clear the channel.
log [event] !log channelcreate Toggles an event from being logged or not. Leave blank to see current settings.
log messagechannel [#channel] !log messagechannel #msglog Sets the channel where message events are logged to.
log memberchannel [#channel] !log memberchannel #member-logs Sets the channel where member events are logged to.
log joinchannel [#channel] !log joinchannel #hello-bye Sets the channel where the bot logs members joining and leaving to.
log serverchannel [#channel] !log serverchannel #server-updates Sets the channel where updates to the server itself are logged.
log voicechannel [#channel] !log voicechannel #spying Sets the channel where members joining/moving between/leaving voice channels are logged.
log ignore <channels/members...> !log ignore @Carl#0001 #bilderberg #secret-shhh Ignores message events posted in the channels or by the members.
log unignore <channels/members...> !log unignore @Carl#0001 #bilderberg Unignores the previous ignores.
log [prefix|ip] <prefix> !log ip ! Ignores message deletions, edits and messages within purges starting with the prefixes.
log [removeprefix|up] <prefix> !log up ? Unignores previously added prefixes.
log export Exports the settings used in this server to be used with the next command.
log [import|custom] <perms> !log import 1337 Imports some settings.
log aio Creates a category, fills it with five channels and splits up logging into them.

Event list

Each event that Carl-bot logs has an associated value and channel. The values are only there for ultra-nerds, don't worry about it.

Event Associated logging Value Channel
delete Deleted messages 1 messagechannel
edit Message edits 2 messagechannel
purge Bulk message deletion 4 messagechannel
discord Discord invites posted 2097152 messagechannel
role Member role updates 8 memberchannel
avatar Avatar updates 32 memberchannel
bans Bans and unbans 192 memberchannel
ban Just bans 64 memberchannel
unban Just unbans 128 memberchannel
join Name or nickname updates 256 joinchannel
leave Name or nickname updates 512 joinchannel
channels Channel creations, updates and deletions 7168 serverchannel
channelcreate Channel creation 1024 serverchannel
channelupdate Channel updates 2048 serverchannel
channeldelete Channel deletion 4096 serverchannel
rolecreate Roles created 65536 serverchannel
roleupdate Updates to roles 131072 serverchannel
roledelete Roles deleted 262144 serverchannel
allroles Roles being created, updated or deleted 458752 serverchannel
emoji Emojis being created, updated or deleted 1048576 serverchannel
server Updates to the server itself 524288 serverchannel
voicejoin Members joining voice channels 8192 voicechannel
voicemove Members changing voice channels 16384 voicechannel
voiceleave Members leaving voice channels 32768 voicechannel
voice All voice events 57344 voicechannel
everything Every single event 4194303 depends
nothing Nothing! 0 --
default Some messages and member events 1019 depends