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Name Example Usage
modlog create [name='modlog'] !modlog create auditlog Creates a modlog where moderation actions will be logged.
modlog set <#channel> !modlog set #modlog Sets an already existing channel to send actions to (make sure the bot has the permissions required to post in the channel)
modlog clear !modlog clear Makes the bot stop logging actions to the channel
modlog from <@member/ID> !modlog from @Carl#0001 Retrieves all infractions for a member with the responsible moderator.
reason <case_id> !reason 17 Spamming nazi imagery Sets a reason for a modlog entry, useful for cases where you either banned manually or forgot to specify a reason
modlog highscores !modlog highscores Shows the moderators ranked by how many actions they've taken.
modlog export [member/ID] !modlog export @Carl#0001 Generates a .txt file of your server's modlogs or the modlogs relating to the user specified.

Useful for transparency and organizing