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Name Example Usage
[pc|postcount] [@member] !pc @Carl#0080 Shows the amount of messages the bot has seen the member post.
postcount top -- Shows the all time 20 most active members as far as the bot's concerned.
[aesthetics|ae] !ae 600 iq Returns your text as fullwidth. The example would return "600iq"
[smallcaps|sc] !sc neumann Returns your text as smallcaps. The example would return "ɴᴇᴜᴍᴀɴɴ"
8ball !8ball will anyone ever love me? It's like any other 8ball command on discord. Annoying, useless and unreasonably popular.
echo [#channel] !echo #general Is this enough to pass the turing test? Makes the bot say the message in the mentioned channel or in the channel the comand was used in if no channel is supplied.
speak [@member] !speak @Yenni#2794 Uses Markov chains to generate sentences based on what that person has said in the past.
space !space ✅This is a test. ✅This ✅is ✅a ✅test ✅sentence. ✅