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A number of variables are supported.

  • {link} Links to the stream (you can always click the title to be brought to the stream)
  • {name} The streamer's display name
  • {game} The game they went live with
  • {everyone} @everyone
Name Example Usage
twitch <name> [channel] [message] !twitch azortharion #streams The best hunter in the world just went online :pogu: {link} Adds the streamer. If no channel is specified the channel the command was used in gets used.
twitch list -- Shows all registered streamers and if they are online
twitch online Shows all currently online streamers
twitch add -- Same as !twitch
twitch remove <name> -- Removes a twitch streamer.
twitch move <name> <channel> !twitch move azortharion #cool-streamers Moves the notification to another channel.
twitch fmt <name> <channel> !twitch fmt azortharion THE BEST HUNTER IS ONLINE OMG Changes the notification message.