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Autoroles and delayed autoroles

Automatic Roles

Name Example Usage
autorole -- Shows which roles will be added upon joining and if the bot will readd roles when someone leaves and rejoins the server
autoroles [readd|reassign] -- Turns reassigning roles on/off
autorole add <role> !autorole add peon Autoroles are roles that are given to the user upon joining the server.
autorole remove <role> !autorole remove admin -//-
autorole [bl|blacklist] <roles...> !autorole bl admin newbie Prevents the mentioned roles from being reassigned
autorole unblacklist <roles...> !autorole unblacklist "fortnite expert" admin Undoes what !autorole bl does

If you have autoroles and reassigned roles, the member will receive the union of both.

Delayed autoroles

Name Example Usage
[tr|timedrole] -- Shows the roles being assigned with their delay
timedrole [add|+] <time> <role> !timedrole add 42h19m22s fortnite expert Adds a role to be added with a delay
timedrole remove <role> !tr remove newbie Removes the role from being automatically assigned and also cancels any pending roles (Note: all pending delayed roles with the same delay as the removed role will be removed, sorry!)