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These commands are for administrators to manage role assignments in their servers. The bot might mention it or you requiring additional permission despite having manage roles. To fix this, make sure both you and the bot have roles higher in the role hierarchy than the role you're trying to assign.

This page does not go over reaction roles, click this text to go there instead

Name Example Usage
!role <member> <role> !role @Carl#0001 fortnite pro Adds/removes a role from the specified member
!role add <member> <role> !role add @Carl#0001 idiot Adds a role to the specified member
!role remove <member> <role> !role remove @Carl#0001 idiot Removes a role from the specified member
!role color <role> <color> !role color weeb #eeaaee Changes the color of a role
!role [removeall|purge|clear] <@member> !role removeall @dumbguy#1337 Removes all roles from a member.
!temprole <@member> <time> <role> !temprole @coolguy#0001 24h birthday boy Adds a role for some time and removes it after the time is up. Time can be either before or after the role name.
!addrank <roles...> !addrank fortnite weeb "f1 fanatic" "koishi fanboy" "tomato lover" Adds one or more roles so that any member can assign it to themselves.
!removerank <roles...> !removerank fortnite "f1 fanatic" Removes a rank so that it can no longer be self assigned.
!rank <role> !rank fortnite Adds/removes the role to the person who used the command.
!ranks -- Lists all whitelisted ranks.
role create <name> [color] [mentionable=False] [hoist=False] !role create "cool dude" eeaaee true true Creates a role. Hoist decides if it shows up in the sidebar or not.
!allroles -- Displays list of roles in the server and member count assigned to the role.
!role info <role> !role info fortnite Displays the role's Name, Member Count, Color, and when it was created.
!role custom <member> <custom_string> !role custom @MichaelAus#9999 +Role 1 -Role 2 Gives the ability to add and remove roles within a single command, useful for removing a pending role whilst granting a member/joined role.
!rank custom <custom_string> !rank custom +Role 1 -Role 2 Adds/removes multiple roles to the person using the command. Requires roles to be whitelisted.

Bulk management


Only one bulk assignment can be used at a time

Name Example Usage
!role all <role> !role all peon Adds a role to every single member.
!role bots <role> !role bots metallic overlord Adds a role to every single bot.
!role humans <role> !role humans flesh haver Adds a role to all non-bots
!role in <base_role> <assigned_role> !role in "movie fan" game of thrones Adds a role (<assigned_role>) to all members with the <base_role> role. In the previous example, all members with the movie fan role would be assigned the game of thrones role.
!role rall <role> !role rall admin Removes a role from all members.
!role rbots <role> !role rbots people Removes a role from all bots.
!role rhumans <role> !role rhumans metallic Removes a role from all humans.
!role rin <role> !role rin weeb cool dude Removes a role from all members with the base_role. Previous example would have removed the "cool dude" role from all weebs.