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Getting tags after they're created can be done without using !tag name simply do !name

Tags can get complicated, see advanced tag usage for a more thorough explanation of the tagscript

Tag Commands

Tag Commands
Name Example Usage
[tag get|tag] <lookup> !classdiscords This is how you get tags after they're saved.
tag [create|add|+] <name> <content> !tag + test Hello world Makes a tag named test with the content Hello world.
tag [delete|del|remove|-] <tagname> !tag - test Removes a tag
tag ++ <name> <pastebin link> !tag ++ setup Since tags can have an output shorter than their length, using !tag ++ allows you to make them
tag [+=|append] <tagname> <content> !tag += test and my mom Adds content to an already existing tag
tag [a|alias] <new> <existing> !tag alias testing test Creates a link to an already existing tag, changes made to the original tag means the aliased tag will also be changed. The name you want for the alias is the first argument, the already existing tag is the second.
tag raw <name> !tag raw test retrieves a tag with its markdown (bold, italic, tagscript etc.) removed.
tag edit <name> <content> !tag e test bye world Edits the content of an already existing tag.
tag nsfw <name> !tag nsfw test Restricts the tag so that it can only be used in channels marked as nsfw
tag restrict <name> !tag restrict test To prevent big tags cluttering your chatty channels, this will make the bot post the content in the bot-channel and ping the author.
tag stats [@member] !tag stats @Carl#0080 Shows information about the servers tags (uses, top 3, total number of tags). If you mention someone, it will show their tags instead.
tag info <name> !tag info test Shows some stats collected about the tag, uses, creation date, last update, owner.
tag ownership !tag ownership With this enabled (disabled by default) tags are 'owned' meaning that unless you're a mod, you can't edit, append or delete other people's tags (You can still create aliases to people's tags)
tag modonly !tag modonly With this enabled, only mods can manage tags, non-mods can still use them.
tag prompt !tag prompt Know how trying to create a tag that already exists asks you if you want to edit, or append? With this disabled (enabled by default) it will default to editing the tag
tag claim <name> !tag claim realms Claims a tag from a member who has left the server, only relevant if ownership is enabled
tag sub <name> <from> <to> !tag sub invite Replaces every occurance of from_string with to_string in an already existing tag. This can be extremely useful for expired invite links, slightly outdated information, or anything else that allows you to systematically correct your mistakes.
[tag list|command|taglist] !taglist Lists all of the tags on the server
tag share <name> !tag share picross Creates a shareable link of a tag so that other users can import it to their servers.

Importing Tags

You can easily import tags from a tag's share link. After navigating to the link, find the server selection dropdown menu in the lower right-hand corner, select your server, then click "Import"

Tag Import Screen