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Collection of high quality tags

On this page some of the more clever and technical tags will be showcased.

Want your creation featured here? Post it in #show off in the support server and be a little lucky. I value creativity and novel solutions more than advanced tagscript usage.

Big brain tags

Tags that really showcase how powerful tagscript can be

!owi - An Overwatch matchup tag by Raffael#7777

Overwatch Info tag. Follow the command with the name of an Overwatch Hero for information about their strengths and weaknesses.

!cgol - Conway's game of life by Dungo#6650

Usage: !cgol [num] To generate a number, you can either use the editor tag here (which is super tedious) or you can draw a 8x6 board in binary and convert that into decimal. Example: !cgol 70509941227520

!newsm and !spin - slots by Raffael#7777 and RedAngel#0121



Altered version of an older tag which adds message editing, custom payline and reasonable odds. Example gif of it in action

!picross - The game picross implemented with tagscript by Dungo#6650

Usage: !picross [code] The code is optional. If you don't put in a code, you'll get a random board. You can create a custom board by "drawing" a picture in binary, convert it into decimal and using that as your code.

!hunt - A duckhunt implementation in tagscipt by dreny#5962

!mine - A minesweeper implementation in tagscript by Dungo#6650

!lightsout <id> - A lights out implementation in tagscript by Garfield#9600

!pfuse - A pokemon fuser by Dungo#6650

Type the command itself for a random fusion, or type in two gen 1 pokemon names/pokedex numbers to fuse them. Replace one of the names with random to randomize that pokemon.

Utility tags

!quote - A way to save quotes from members by vind#6818

Quote command, deletes original command. Able to quote yourself and others.

!todo - A todo list by Polar#5893

Made an easy to use todo list using tags React with the checkmark to mark an item on the list as finished or react with the x to deny it!

!cpoll - quickpoll with custom emojis by Dungo#6650

Usage: !cpoll Only works for up to 5 answers.

!submit - An image submission tag by Antimony#0051


Looks like this

!afk - A way to let others know you're afk by Raffael#7777

AFK Tag. Creates an autoresponse with the trigger of the mention of the tag user. Follow it with "on" (without quotes) to create the trigger, and "off" to delete the trigger. If you type a message following "on" the message will be set as the away message, but if you leave it blank a default away message will be used.

!serverstats - A human/bot counter by yee#4952

!faq - A Discord and Carl-bot help tag by Deviation#8164

Basic Discord and Carl-Bot FAQ , created by Deviation#8164 ; be sure to edit the channels described in the "Extra Stuff" section or remove that section entirely if your sever doesn't use the Starboard or the Suggestions function.

Fun tags

!whodoneit - A mini game by Deviation#8164

!lovecalc - A love calculator by Samuel#1698

Usage: !lovecalc <user> Another stolen command recreated with Carl-bot! It's time to know how much the bot thinks you are destined to be with another person.

What it looks like

!battle - A 'pokemon style arena battle' by RedAngel#0121

This tag is inspired by a basically Pokémon arena style battles... each channel is unique to a specific arena type and will not change. Make sure you tag someone!

Those weeb commands every anime bot has by Samuel#1698

Have you ever felt the need for interactive useless anime commands!? Well you've come to the right place!

I've got them all:

!kiss <user> or !kiss for some smoochs

!lick <user> or !lick for some licc

!bite <user> or !bite for some snacc

!hug <user> or !hug for some hugs

!nuzzle <user>or !nuzzle for some cuddles

!slap <user> or !slap for some violence

Non anime interactive commands

!kill [<user>|<yourself>] for some sweet specific deaths

!revive [<user>|<yourself>] My users were roleplaying being dead and not talking and asked for this.

Help tag

!AnimeHelp Displays a carlbot-like help embed with info about each of these commands.

Slightly NSFW warning on some of them

It's in the description of the tags