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Collection of High Quality Tags

Some of the more clever and technical tags are showcased here.

Want your creation featured here? Post it in #show off in the support server and be a little lucky.
I value creativity and novel solutions more than advanced tagscript usage.

Server Tags

Server Tags
Tag Name Description Author Import Link
> A quote tag made to work with Discord's quote system. Raffael
afk Creates/deletes autoresponses that fire when you are mentioned. Raffael
colors Assists in creating a basic color roles menu. Vince the Animator
getid A tag that retrieves the ID of any specified channel, emoji or user. Asty'
goal Create and track membercount milestones. deniiiii 🦕
promote Set up RP promotions that follow a chain of command. Raffael
rules A complex rules listing tag. Raffael
setup A tag that helps with the initial server setup. Raffael
social Dynamic Per-User Social Media Clickable Icons Asty'
submit An image submission tag
Rename the channel in the redirect for this to work
verify Custom Captcha Verification system Tush

Utility Tags

Utility Tags
Tag Name Description Author Import Link
changetemp A temperature conversion tag. Rath.
color Displays information about a color your input or a random color. Accepts multiple input formats. Elise
colortext Outputs your text colorized in a codeblock. Raffael
define Outputs the URL to the Merriam-Webster page for the word or phrase that follows the tag. Link preview displays definition. Raffael
formatting Shows all of the Markdown formatting you can do in Discord ent3r_
weather Displays current weather for a location. Usage: weather <location> Near

Game Info Tags

Game Info Tags
Tag Name Description Author Import Link
corruption Shows the sales turnover of the corruption vendor in WoW Nerog
owi An Overwatch information tag Raffael
pubg PUBG Mobile information tag Raffael &
Gucci Potato

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters
Tag Name Description Author Import Link
qotd Displays a random Quote of the Day freya ☆
topic A random chat topic generator, to spur conversation. Shaun

Time Based Tags

Time Tags
Tag Name Description Author Import Link
calendar Outputs a month-view calendar for the current month or month you specify.
Usage: calendar 2019 1 would display Jan 2019
holidaycd A configurable Holiday countdown tag. Raffael
timein Displays the current time for the timezone specified. Raffael
weeklycd Weekly Countdown Tag. Counts down to the date & time set, restarting every week. Raffael
worldclock Outputs the current time for multiple different locations. Raffael

Game Tags

Game Tags
Tag Name Description Author Import Link
5carddraw A 5 card draw game for you and a friend you mention. Raffael
battle A 'pokemon' style arena battle. RedAngel
cgol Conway's game of life Dungo
connect4 Play a game of Connect Four using Carl-bot Dungo
hunt Play Duckhunt with a tag dreny
lightsout A lights out game implementation as a tag Garfield
maze A Maze Generator tag Raffael
mine Play Minesweeper with a tag Dungo
picross The game Picross as a tag Dungo
race Race different vehicles against opponents ! SpinaChant
slots A slots tag using emojis Raffael &
slots A slots tag using gifs Rath.
tictactoe A Tic-Tac-Toe game. Do: tictactoe new to start. Tush
whodoneit A who-done-it minigame. Deviation

Fun Tags

Fun Tags
Tag Name Description Author Import Link
babyname A smart babyname generator
Usage: babyname @someone-else
bigbrain Get your or another user's bigbrain percentage ! SpinaChant
bubblewrap Makes Discord bubblewrap Captain Zero
dadjoke Spits out the worst dad jokes of all time. iNsane
headout "Imma headout SpongeBob" meme generator KableKompany
lovecalc A love calculator tag. Asty'
mock A mocking spongebob image generator using your text. Raffael
roast A tag that roasts targets. BIchL4zAn4
shipname A smart 'ship'-name generator
Usage: shipname Name1 Name2

RP Interaction Tags

RP Interaction Tags

"Those weeb commands every anime bot has" (Slightly NSFW warning on some of them)
Have you ever felt the need for interactive useless anime commands!? Well you've come to the right place!
I've got them all:

Tag Name Description Author Import Link
animehelp Displays a help embed with info about each of these commands Samuel
bite !bite <user> [user2] Samuel
hug !hug <user> [user2] Samuel
kiss !kiss <user> [user2] Samuel
lick !lick <user> [user2] Samuel
nuzzle !nuzzle <user> [user2] Samuel
slap !slap <user> [user2] Samuel

Non-anime interactive commands:

Tag Name Description Author Import Link
kill !kill [user] Samuel
revive !revive [user] Samuel

Premium Tags

These tags only work properly on Carl-bot Premium Servers.

Premium Tags
Tag Name Description Author Import Link
cpoll Quickpoll with up to 5 custom emojis.
!cpoll question|:emoji: answer|:emoji: answer|etc...
embedpoll Quickpoll with up to 5 answers displayed in an embed. Raffael
pack Level Banners Pack, choosable level card backgrounds Asty'
portfolio Create and view user portfolios, uses triggers Asty'
rewards Level rewards tag, lets users see their current level rewards Rath.