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Autoresponses are not custom commands, if you want things that are triggered by a prefix and a keyword, see the tag section. They offer more functionality, better editing capabilities, will never have a limit to them and are just generally nicer for their intended purpose.

Name Example Usage
[ar|autoresponse] -- Lists the triggers, and ignores for the server
ar list -- Lists all the triggers in a paginated fashion
ar [add|create] <trigger> <response> !ar add "hello there" Hello! I'm a bot created by carl :muscle: Adds a trigger that carlbot will look for and say/do something when it is said. This command looks for a substring within the message, meaning that if you add hi then this will also match. See the next command if that is too greedy for you.
ar [strict|s] <trigger> <response> !ar strict "its coming home" {reactu: ⚽️} This works a lot like normal ar add with one vital exception: it looks for exact sequences of words, rather than substrings. What this means is that if you add the strict trigger hell and someone says hello it will not match, it also means that triggers with more than one word requires an exact match per word (this is a lot more reasonable to use than this text makes it out to be).
ar [exact|e] <trigger> <response> !ar exact "hey guys" Hello! This matches if the content of a message is the same as the trigger. Some exceptions such as punctuation and capitalization applies.
ar [startswith|sw] <trigger> <response> !ar sw "how do i" read the wiki! Matches if the start of the message matches
ar [endswith|ew] <trigger> <response> !ar ew "i think" no you don't Like startswith except if it ends with it.
ar [remove|del|-|delete] <trigger> !ar del its coming home Removes an autoresponse
ar clear -- Removes all autoresponses (with a prompt)
ar [channel|cs] <trigger> <response> !ar channel "king crimson" HOW DOES KING CRIMSON WORK I DON'T UNDERSTAND Like a normal autoresponse except it only listens in the channel you used the command in. Note: This will bypass any channel ignores (member ignores still work).
ar ignore <members or channels...> !ar ignore @Carl#0001 @Kintark#0588 #general @idiotuser#1337 #welcome Blocks channels and or users from triggering responses
ar unignore <members or channels...> !ar unignore #general @Carl#0001 Undoes what !ar ignore does

Autoreactions support most of tagscript, see Tags - Advanced usage to learn more