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!cembed and !ecembed take raw json as their arguments. If you're new to embeds, using leovoel's embed visualizer can be helpful as it shows you how it will end up looking instantly.

Name Example Usage
!embed [channel] <color> <title | description> !embed #get-roles eeaaee I'm a title | and I'm the description Creates a simple embed with the colored strip, a title and a description.
!editembed <msg_id> <title | description> !editembed 32538901189123 I'm a new title | and I'm an updated description Edits a message in the same format you create basic embeds
!rr color [channel] <msg_id> <color> !rr color 182923492394927 eeeaaa Edits the color strip on the left side of the embed. If the embed is not a reaction role embed, you need to either use the command in the same channel as the embed or specify it as the first argument.
!cembed [channel] <json> !cembed #secret {"title": "hello world"} Also accepts a pastebin link since it can be bigger than 2000 characters.
!ecembed <msg_id> <channel> <json> !ecembed 31203123191 #secret {"title": "Woah, a new title!"} Edits ANY embed the bot has posted.
!embedsource <msg_id> [channel] !embedsource 9312838121123 #bilderberg Gets the raw json from an embed