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These reminders require you to have dms open from at least one server you share with the bot

Name Example Usage
[rm|reminder|remindme|timer] !rm 1d23h pick up the next mission on your hunter. !rm buy groceries tomorrow at noon. Sets up a reminder to send a message reminding you about the thing. If you use a human time like "at noon" it uses UTC.
rm mine !rm mine Shows your reminders.
rm [-|remove|del] <id> !rm - 42 Removes the reminder with that id.
sub <id> !sub 97 Copies a reminder someone else made. This means you own the reminder, that person deleting their reminder will have no impact.
!rm clear !rm clear Removes all your reminders from the server (or ALL if used in DMs)
!rm repeat <id> <interval> !rm repeat 247 20d Sets a timer to be repeated.
!rm when <id> !rm when 247 Shows some information about a timer created in the server (or from you, if used in DMs)