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Starboard is a way to 'star' (think like, upvote etc.) a message and have it show up in a separate channel. You do this by reacting to the message with ⭐ (:star:). A common sentence used to describe the functionality of a starboard is 'democratic pins'

Name Example Usage
starboard [name='starboard'] !starboard meme-archive Creates the starboard.
star limit <number> !star limit 3 Sets the amount of stars required for a post to get posted to the starboard
star stats [@member] !star stats @Carl#0080 Shows some information about the server's or user's star giving patterns.
star top -- Returns the most starred posts
star nsfw -- Toggles nsfw stars. With this enabled, posts starred in channels marked as nsfw will embed
star self -- Toggles being able to star your own posts
star show <id> !star show 463069834968825856 Shows a starred post from the starboard in the channel the command was used in, you can find the id in the footer of each starboard entry.
star jump !star jump Will add a jump link to the starred message.

Star messages, have them posted to a channel. It's a fun way to save funny/interesting messages in a place where everyone can see them.