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All commands require !suggestion channel [#channel] to have been used in order to work, please start with that.

Name Example Usage
suggestion channel [#channel] !suggestion channel #cool-server-feedback Sets a channel as the suggestion channel or creates a new one if you don't mention one.
suggestion dm -- Toggles between sending the person who suggested something upon a moderator deciding on it.
suggestion limit <number> -- The color of the approved/denied suggestions are based on the difference in upvotes and downvotes on the original post. This threshold is the amount of votes required for the decision to be fully green/red.
suggestion move [#channel] -- This will let you set a secondary channel to announce the suggestions that admins have approved/denied. Just like !suggestion channel this can be left blank to create a channel.
suggestion edit -- Edits the message instead of reposting it in the same channel. If a move channel has been specified, it's posted there and edited in the original channel.
suggestion submit -- Lets you set a single channel where people are allowed to make suggestions. This can be useful if you don't want everyone to be able to make suggestions
suggestion -- Displays the server's current suggestion config.
suggest <message> !suggest The bot should be able to announce new youtube videos Creates a suggestion
approve <id> [reason] !approve 5 Great idea man, will add it for sure Approves of a suggestion.
deny <id> [reason] !deny 6 This is literally impossible due to how discord works Denies a suggestion
consider <id> [reason] !consider 4 I'm not sure if this would really add that much, but if the people want it... Marks a suggestion as being considered.
implemented <id> [reason] !implemented 5 the command is !youtubesub \ Marks a suggestion as implemented
!suggestion anon -- Toggles member's name and avatar not appearing when making a suggestion. (Not retroactive)