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Twitch notifications


You have to set a twitch channel with !set twitch <#channel> before any notifications will be sent.

Name Example Usage
twitch <name> [alias] !twitch azortharion azor Adds the user with the alias. In the example given, the stream announcement will say "azor is now live". This command also removes a streamer if used again.
twitch list -- Shows all registered streamers and when they were last online
twitch online Shows all currently online streamers
twitch own -- With this enabled, users can't have the streams they themselves added removed by non-mods, this is useful if you want to allow users to add their own streams to a server
twitch mod -- If this is disabled, any user can add a stream of their choice
twitch limit <number> !twitch limit 2 Restricts how many streams non-mods are allowed to add